creature comforts

Life is rough for some creatures. Not for mine, but others perhaps.

Cats are connoisseurs of comfort.

James Herriot, author, “All Creatures Great and Small”

James Herriot never met my dogs. Meaning no disrespect to felines nor their servants, cat-people, when I look upon Comet and Dexter, I see that they have exceptionally-grasped the finer things about comfort. My wife and I walk our two furry mutts four to six times a day (including one about 6 AM and sometimes around 10 PM). It depends on our schedule for that day, but I have had on occasion to drive back from a client site to walk these dogs at 10AM or at least before 11AM. Declaring our yard a poop-free zone now – we have a grandchild at an age where he runs about – we take the dogs on lots of walks. In exchange, the dogs are helping me get a LOT of daily steps in my workout plan.


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