flagstone high

Last night’s slumber featured a greatest hits parade I only partly remember this morning. An old hippy snark said you were never really a part of the 60s (’70’s?) if you could recall them – due to all the drug use then.

I seem to have excellent recall in my dreams. This was fueled not by hallucinogens nor cannabis, but by the fumes of a sealant applied yesterday afternoon to the flagstones that decorate the entryway of my home. Fumes, I had considered when the contractor and I discussed the flagstones. However, I overlooked my air conditioning which was running that afternoon. With the air intake inside the doorway, and a vent leading directly to our bedroom, I enjoyed a Rocky (flagstone) “high” in El Cajon.


But the Colorado Rocky Mountain high 
I've seen it rainin' fire in the sky
The shadow from the starlight
Is softer than a lullaby
Rocky Mountain high
Rocky Mountain high
John Denver (1973)

Scenes from movies made by Cheech and Chong, skits from ’70 ‘s Saturday Night Live and other television comedies, and the late John Denver’s 1973 classic song about the Rocky Mountains became a soundtrack I woke to early this morning. Dexter’s and Comet’s insistence to start the morning routine assured me they had suffered no lasting effects. A half-hour later, I barely remember what I had dreamt and all that greeted my nose on our return is that familiar damp-dog smell.


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