An Army Ranger dog was killed while saving soldiers’ lives in Afghanistan

A multi-purpose canine assigned to the 75th Ranger Regiment was killed during a close-quarters battle in southwestern Afghanistan, during which an Army Ranger also died, military officials confirmed Tuesday after a biography of the dog began circulating online.

Maiko, a 7-year-old canine assigned to 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, died Nov. 24 while conducting a direct action raid in Nimruz province.

The heart of a lion

I want to talk about Nikki and the special bond that we shared. This story is about overcoming challenges and the things we can learn from each other. I’m sure these lines on here will find nothing but dog lovers, although I’m aware that somewhere else she might appear as just a dog, or a pet. But Nikki was so much more than that, she was my fur baby, and over the years she taught me a thing or two.