A walk in the park

Several of my neighbors and co-workers who have dogs, are enjoying the health benefits of walking their canine pals.  Andrew Weil is one of many experts who say, if you want to get regular exercise, get a dog.  Healthy dogs, people and neighborhoods seem to be naturally linked.

Guest blogger: Mothering, Marriage and Menopause

Six days into my vacation and I’m truly feeling relaxed. I’ll even forgive the crazy bird that continues to visit us at night. Last night, I woke up and decided to fix a cup of coffee before I looked at the clock. It was 1:30am. I stumbled back to bed but not before making a note to buy earplugs today. But no worries…I can still take my nap today so all if right with the world.


Home gardeners know a lot about dirt.  Here in El Cajon,  the clay and decomposed granite that makes up the whole of the area away from the small San Diego river habitat,  hardly supports anything more natively than grasses.   But with a ton of fertilizer and compost,  people have planted ornamental, pine, avocado and fruit trees. And like my neighbor, a lot of vegetables.