random theories

Though I am neither a philosopher, nor am I a scientist, on a dog-walk I often think about things that either find interesting. I believe the universe is defined by two forces: Chaos and Order. In an Ordered universe, phenomena behaves in a certain predictable and rational manner. Yet the universe seems to have a contrarian side. And I think all of us, deist or atheist, and dog- or cat-people, have encountered this.

What almost everyone my age will tell a young person is that there is no gain without pain, no wisdom without enduring some suffering, and no shortcuts to just about anything worthwhile. For most anything, what might appear positive, beneficial, and easily accomplished, has an opposing “force” to that outcome. Whether task, event, or experience, an unexpected turn of events, error, or difficult circumstances randomly occur. I flippantly have described this probability of randomness as chaos theory.( I just learned that mathematicians have been calculating this exact thing!) All of these are learning opportunities.

Scientific theory is a contrived foothold in the chaos of living phenomena.

William Reich, psychologist, d 1957, via brainyquote.com

On a dog-walk in my neighborhood last Wednesday night, a bit of cholla cactus – where no cholla cactus should be – hobbled Comet for a few moments until I flicked it away. I knew it was cholla as it pricked my finger and I got a good look at it. This was just as random an event, not a hundred yards from the cholla-flicking, that a small car apparently ran through our residential intersection (where one street “tees” into my own) and losing control. smashed into my neighbor’s parked truck. Another neighbor’s decision to park his old truck on the street – for one night in all the preceding months parking it in his garage – resulted in his catalytic converter being stolen in the middle of that same night. Neither incident was expected – the neighborhood has not had thefts or accidents but once or twice in 20 years. But such things do make me prudent.

Am I the only one who compensates for potential chaos in a daily routine? I leave for appointments with a generous amount of time to get there -in the event I have forgotten to get gas, or my tires are low, or there may be heavy traffic. I own, and have strategically placed, at minimum, three pairs of glasses – one or more in the house, car, or with my work material since cannot read most things without them. Since I change clothes between dog-walks and work, I keep sets of spare keys about. Similarly, to avoid being bag-less when dashing out for Dexter and Comet’s urgent “call of nature”, dog poop bags are staged by the front door, with dog leashes, and in pockets of my jacket or next to my wife’s purse. I do not get upset about things taking longer for me to accomplish such as the one-size-fits-all ceiling light fixture I found on Amazon, did not fit the lamp I bought. As a responsible dog-person, On dog-walks, I am on poop-patrol and ready to pull out the random thorn either dog step in. I am not overly concerned about my property, though I do keep up the insurance. When I do not pay a professional to do work around my home, I plan for tasks to take 3 times longer to accomplish if I do them. There’s Chaos and then there’s Order. I believe that my God takes care of the big stuff while Chaos is there to keep those relying on God for all the other things we experience.

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