About me

Over the course of five decades, the author has not gone more than a couple years without a four-legged sidekick.  Nicky, Señorita, and then Ms. Beagles, (1960 – 1991). After sea duty – I served in the Navy 25 years- my pack regrouped with  Happy, SydneyNubby (my late mum’s dog) (1995 -2010) and presently, Dexter;   add now Comet. And in dog-friendly San Diego, who can possibly cope with the madness here, except by long walks with furry friends.  18403784_10156139272512519_4785212265312583875_o

There was a time, when my late mother, who preferred living alone, would get calls from Social Services. “Do you eat alone?” And her response invariably was “No.  Tanya, Fergus, Max dine with me.”  You see, when you have dogs you never are alone nor can be bored.   I also find myself preferring animals to the drama that my fellow humans seem afflicted.

Why “notdonner” for my ‘nom d ‘guerre’? When we decided to add the dog, Comet. to the household, we didn’t change his shelter name, but also couldn’t remember it. Since it was the Christmas season, I thought of Santa’s reindeer: not Dasher, not Dancer, nor Prancer… not Donner, etc.

I don’t know too many who are not dog-men. I have often eschewed politics in favor of talking about dogs, human nature and everyday perspectives.  But as a retired Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer,  when my commentary about  Navy life  or even current events takes a hostage audience in my spouse,  I have Truths, Half-Truths, and Sea Stories as my outlet for that.

While a vice-president of the New York Mets (MLB) organization, and an attorney in New York share the same first and last name with me, I have no greater honor than having served my country as a U.S. Navy Senior Chief.

I enjoy writing for its own sake. And I hope you will find these snippets entertaining.     Thank you for visiting!