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dogs and dog-men

Shakespeare knew that dogs were faithful and trustworthy companions. Politicians, pundits, and writers – except perhaps Stephen King – cite their positive qualities. This blog is as much about their antics, as it is the insight and influence they have on a person.   They provide love, needed exercise, and necessary chaos.

My hope is that you will learn a little bit. Laugh a little more. And agree with me that life is a lot more interesting with a canine companion. Your life, home, car, or fragile furnishings and mementos will be tested with hair, drool and aroma, but like me, you may not want to exchange that for all of King Solomon’s gold.  



Since it was the Christmas season when we adopted Comet, I thought of Santa’s reindeer: not Dasher, not Dancer, nor Prancer… not Donner. It became my blog name.

Indy, the coolest cat EVER


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