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dogs and dog-men

Shakespeare knew that dogs were faithful and trustworthy companions. Politicians, pundits, and writers – except perhaps Stephen King – cite their positive qualities. More than thirty Presidents, beginning with George Washington, and including every President since WWII (FDR to Biden, with one exception) have had furry companions. With the exception of the years I spent at sea, I have had the companionship of one or more dogs since a toddler. Now that I am in “mid-life” (sixty in this millennium may be the new “40”), I hope to convey to a reader that a dog’s view of the world is often less stressful than we humans make it out to be.


My hope is that you will learn a little bit about me. Learn about the care and welfare of animals. I also am hoping you will feel welcome to share ideas, commentary, and perhaps a guest blog entry or two. As a dog-person, you, like me, may never be a fashion-statement, unless that includes ample dog hair clinging to your trousers. Almost every pair of shoes will have some dust or mud where you forgot to change them before walking your pooches. And your car, or fragile furnishings and mementos will be all the better with some dried drool and paw marking in the “corinthian leather bucket seats”. Given a choices, I’ll not exchange life with my pets for all of King Solomon’s gold.  


I began blogging with an alias, notdonner, in late 2016. We had adopted Comet, a greyhound-shepherd mix from a shelter during the Christmas season. While he resembled a greyhound in the first weeks, I initially used the Christmas Rudolph special to remember his name. You should know it, Santa’s reindeer: not Dasher, not Dancer, nor Prancer… not Donner.

Indy, the coolest cat EVER


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