greyhounds and arthritis

Watching him go from favoring a front paw to hobble on it a couple cold days this month, Comet may be developing a little arthritis. In December, I observed him having a little difficulty getting into the dog-car one chilly Saturday morning. After a couple warmer days his limp seemed to go away. But I am at an age where my wrist, ankle or knee will give me a little tweak in the cold weather. When I brought him for his first checkup a couple years ago, the veterinarian guessed Comet to be about the same age as Dexter judging from his teeth and overall appearance. Though Comet does not look like a greyhound we saw in the shelter, he does have those genes. Are greyhounds more likely to get arthritis? Sadly, yes. But as a dog owner, I can take proactive steps to keep the disease progression slowed.

(From Start by asking yourself these questions:

  • Is your dog slowing down?
  • Is your dog having a tougher time manipulating stairs?
  • Does your dog make the jump onto the couch or bed with less vigor and ease than he used to? 
  • Would your dog now rather have a 5 minute walk than his usual 20 minute walk?
  • Does your dog seem sore first thing in the morning?

An article describes the symptoms and how to detect arthritis and treat it early. Exercise by getting up and moving is the non-pharma part of easing the progression of the disease. And adding glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM to your dog’s food in daily doses.

It is not the first time that I heard about glucosamine. In the mid-1990s, my late mother started taking it -available then only from some small herbal remedy-stores , after her farrier told her about it. Apparently, ranchers knew about the health benefits for man and horse, decades before it became popular. While doctors today prescribe all sorts of pharmaceuticals to treat a host of ills, perhaps regular exercise and a little powder given daily might help Comet – and probably the old man walking him – keep a little spring in their step.



    1. how are you doing in the cold and snowy Maine hinterlands? Our minister last night was talking about ruts and slushy streets – metaphors for faith skids – I was probably only one of a handful who knew exactly what he meant.. Sending sunshine – if I had any this week – your way

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      1. We might get lucky and get a foot and a half, but probably not. Hey, could be worse, I could live in California! *ducks* 😉 Truly though, I feel for you folks with all of the fires, mud and earthquakes. Snow seems pretty tame in comparison…even two feet of it!


  1. Hi Eric,
    You know, on cold days, your grey hound might take to wearing dog boots to keep his feet warm on his walk. It sounds silly, but older dogs, like us, require more warmth. Snuggle him in a nice warm blanket (over him) when you return from those walks and it may prevent some of the stiffness and aches.
    And perhaps massaging his legs will help… (Keep the directional pressure of your hands towards the heart). As you massage, put an intention of healing and comfort in your mind. I’m sure you will see a good response. 💞🙏

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  2. I hope your babies are feeling better. I had the same problem with my dog as he got older and some days looked so painful despite the glucosamine and all. The cold of course makes it worse. Well heck I feel it myself. Sending comforting hugs for all.

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