When I was a recruit in the Navy many years ago, my Company Commander had a nickname for me, “Polack”, but that was in the decades before fragile emotions. Upon graduation, he threw an arm across my shoulder and laughed,”Congratulations, Petty Officer Saretsky!” Later, I became “Starsky” to my peers, then “Chief” to my subordinates. Now, my friends call me by my first name – with my insistence though I still enjoy “Chief” now and again.

For two years, I blogged under the pseudonym “notdonner”, which I thought amusing because the dog blog was inspired by Comet, the shelter dog becoming part of the pack. I needed the Santa Claus reindeer names – to initially remind me. You know, “on Dasher, on Dancer…. on Comet…on Donner…on Blitzen” But from today, I am going to own it – blogging under my own given name.

the mastermind

And if everyone is aghast at the big reveal, and thought Dexter was behind all this subterfuge, well, yes. Dexter was the mastermind. Call it plausible deniability if I sucked at blogging.


  1. I’ve always wondered about “Not Donner”. I’m glad it had to do with Santa and his reindeer. I kept trying to figure out how the name came about, since I could only think of Donner Pass. Who knew? LOL 🙂

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