good dogs

“You think dogs will not be in heaven? I tell you, they will be there long before any of us.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

A cream-colored dog woke from a long nap and was hungry. Where is my human? “Man!”, he called. “Man! Here, boy!” Loud banging of a door and thundering footsteps signaled a man was approaching. The best thing about waking from a nap was finding a tasty treat in one’s bowl.

In the congregation there aren’t many asking why things are they way they are, but I know that God does not make mistakes, nor does He second-guess Himself. Dogs are who dogs are. And people are who people are. Some are obedient and some are the opposite. Some are kind, and yet some test the limits of God’s patience.

Of course, some saw the Change coming. Tried to get people’s attention. Warn them. Coax them to obedience. Dog-people should have had the advantage in being kind, thoughtful, and disciplined. But it was too late. God decided that human beings were too unpredictable and destructive to be left in charge of the planet. So He made a change.

His hunger satisfied, Dog went to the closet door where the leash hung indicating to the Man he was ready for a walk. And out they went. “If only all mankind was this obedient. They might go to heaven, too,” he thought.



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