mischief friday

The opportunity for doing mischief is found a hundred times a day, and of doing good once in a year. – Voltaire, from brainyquote.com



This Friday morning was a little unusual, in that my wife got up extra early in order to take my father-in-law for a medical procedure.  Not very long ago heart surgery of any sort was a complex and risky one.  But for a man in his early Eighties my dad is more resilient than a Timex (“takes a licking and keeps on ticking”).

Also, since I was up a little early, I had an opportunity to do a little work on a new business I’ve started – spurred in part by a new urgency to get healthy and fit on the cusp of my Sixties.  But Dexter and Comet were equally urgent that I take them for a walk up to our little “mountain” retreat.    Twenty minutes later, I was regretting that opportunity for the boys.   They decided to get into a little mischief.

Out of the corner of my eye I caught Dexter up the hill rolling around on his back with gusto.   And not five minutes later,  I wondered where Comet had gone.    Retrieving Dexter, we set off to look for Comet.    And he, for the first time in a while had gone down the trail and off a side trail to the street – a cul-de-sac  – where he was happily poking his head in a gate to the ball field at the middle school that backs up to my walking trail.

And it was not as though I had to go to work today.    But I was not going to leave without giving Dexter a bath.     I am glad he is very accustomed to the groomer bathing him, as I had a bottle of my spouse’s  Ms Clairol shampoo, and one knee corraling him in our walk-in shower.   Had I a camera  and additional hands, I’m certain all would have a great chuckle over a grown man, in street clothes half in a shower maneuvering Dexter, and then rubbing him down with one of missus’  used towels.   All the while Comet was watching us.

That is how MY day started.    As for Voltaire’s opportunity to “do good”,   I am hoping my new venture in exercise and nutrition will take off.   It’s not necessarily that I know what the nutritionist or fitness experts know;  I know how to find a good thing.    I’m like Dexter today.  I found something wonderful to “roll around in”   and cannot wait to share it.


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