God, budgets, and dog biscuits

In the wee hours of the morning, while some were still sleeping (my retired friends and some now-graduate college students), and other long-distance commuting peers in the neighborhood were already warming up their vehicles,  the wife and I were both awake.  The snoring from her side of the bed, if not my betrothed, suggested that Dexter was in that corner.  He had made a pile of clothes from the hamper a bed and was fast asleep. Comet prefers his dog bed in the other room.

Taking my cue this particular morning from the scripture that talks about Jesus being up before it was light,  I  spent time with my God reading a study online on the “ordinary”,  the several examples throughout scripture that Jesus is teaching us about all the simple acts we can do living our lives that sanctify an ordinary life:  being compassionate to others’ suffering; managing the affairs of the home and family;  eating and sharing your life with family and friends; being useful to God’s purposes even into one’s old age.

Talking about the “ordinary”,  a little while later, over a second cup of coffee,  my wife and I  contemplated why our online budget application says we spent half our monthly income in restaurants and bars (!). Well,   some, yes, was spent in restaurants this month (we ate out on a few occasions with our eldest son and his pregnant wife,  with my visiting father-in-law,  and with the whole clan, including the two younger sons), but BARS?  I think NOT!  So twenty minutes of my administration – properly categorizing our month’s expenses – later, we have no furtive or suspicious glances between husband and wife, though we aren’t sure about the dogs.   They have been left alone during the day during some of the past two weeks.

20180409_081956.jpgThe Ford that has been parked in front of my house for several months is the dog car.  I need to get some mechanical work done to get it road-worthy again.  But the “ordinary” struggles of the “ordinary” life continue to put that as a lower priority.   And I don’t believe either dog has let that go unnoticed.   At times like this, I would offer a bribe of dog biscuits or a bowl of tasty dog chow.   However,  it seems the well has gone dry as far as biscuits,  and apparently, the dog chow has become boring.  I have been getting “that look”  when I have prepared lunches for the missus and myself.  For several Sundays  barbecued chicken, roasted meat,  or baked fish seems to pale next to “meat protein, no by-products or fillers” dog chow.  Seventy-dollar dog food is hardly poor quality.   But then I remember,  we had picky kids.  “Don’t you know there are starving people in Africa …..”

“Well, why don’t you send this to the starving , then, ”  Dexter seems to be saying to me. 20180124_063042.jpg

So that’s on my to-do list today.  New dog chow.    And biscuits.

Until then I will eat my barbecued chicken at work.  My ordinary life with extra-ordinary dogs.



    1. I have been taking them in my leather seat Chevrolet. It’s full of dog hair now. They love it.
      for a year they ate Wellness. But the wellness wild game they don’t like. Wellness grain free chicken they are bored with. Imagine!

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      1. Haha! We feed ours Taste of the Wild. It’s grain-free and they thrive on it. Are you really paying 70/bag for the Wellness? If it’s the kind I think it is, you can get it at Chewy.com for $50/bag and free shipping. Just a thought. I bounce back and forth between Chewy and Jet.com. Last time I got 20% off!

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      2. Check out Jet.com I think they have a first-time buyer’s discount of 20%. Every once in a while they have the same deal whether a first-timer or not. Last time I ordered with that deal, I got 10 bags!

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      3. You got Taste of the Wild? I think Dexter and Comet will like it if you did. Plus they have a bunch of flavors. Once you get used to ordering online, you’ll never turn back. When I catch a sale, I order oodles of bags!

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