Movie intermission?

A bad time to give up popcorn

Watching a movie like Avenger Infinity War seemed like a good idea. A date in the early afternoon with my wife – who likes these movies as much as I do.

In the middle of the action, everything halted. “Thanos is here,” a fellow movie goer quipped

And now the employee tells us power – the mall apparently went dark for a moment – is back on. But the fate of the world, and my patience is hanging in the balance.

Where is the movie? This wouldn’t have happened, if we were watching a chick -flick!



    1. There’s something about popcorn and that fake butter that turns me into a beast! At the movies, my wife will turn her head and give me the “look” (it’s dark, but I “feel” it) . “no shoveling”, is all she says. I can’t eat a kernel or two at a time. LOL
      After the employee came, we sat about ten more minutes! But then we got sucked back into the movie…

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