burnt offerings

Sometimes it pays to be in the right place and time – Comet  

resized_20180416_172226954369864.jpegYesterday, I took a recipe for chicken, using tamarind, garlic, ginger and sesame oil seasoning, then barbecued  it.  And the result was delicious.  So I thought to make a second go at this today.  And I thought, why not bake a little fresh zucchini, with butter, garlic and parmesan cheese.    About thirty minutes to prep both dishes and then start cooking.  Ten to fifteen minutes,  to bake the zucchini,  and fifteen to twenty minutes to cook the chicken.


One minor distraction, sidetracked this Master Chef concoction.    My neighbor was working in his side yard,  so I left the barbecue to chat with Brian.   Everything had been cooking about ten minutes already, so they were about perfect….  if I had remembered to take them off the grill.  Accordingly,  you might have some idea what crossed my nostrils, and in a panic I returned to the barbecue.

While it would take some forensic technician to determine that these had been only recently a feast in the making,  I had a glimmer of hope that all was not lost.   In the Old Testament,  there are several stories of manly barbecuing,  spiritual sacrifices  where the pleasing aroma of the “burnt offerings” were offered up to the Almighty on an altar, (no gas Webers in those ancient times) . These might have been such a sacrifice.

And that’s where Comet, came to my rescue.  All the burnt pieces were gratefully accepted by Comet.  Most of the tender meat I salvaged to go into a salad for my spouse tonight.   As for me,  ketchup cures everything.

Or perhaps, I will just give everything to the Food Network newest judge, Comet.   Even my mistakes coming out of the kitchen, if they end up in his bowl, he rates an A++  score.




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