La Vida barbacoa

With sincere apologies to my vegan pet “caretakers”, who search out special recipes for their furry friends, Dexter and Comet relish meat. Other than growling at the neighbor’s dogs, nothing seizes their attention more than the times I barbecue.

This healing time is more work than I imagined. Now you might think I am thoroughly enjoying myself. Not so!

  • Walk the dogs.
  • Wash the dishes.
  • Make dinner.
  • Do some yard work.
  • Do laundry also.
  • Do some reading.

Yet I have other duties: providing head scratches to Dexter, then to Comet or both at the same time at least every half hour. And blogging.

It’s a full day.

Perhaps a time away from commuting, work routines, deadlines, a boss’s expectations, and the worries of this life, is healing. But this isn’t as much stress as being “retired”. Golfing requires tee times. Remodeling a kitchen means choosing cabinets, flooring, and appliances, and installing some of these yourself as my neighbor has done.

Or purchasing an RV to travel about the country as my other neighbor has done. (Sam I taking notes? I should be. ) Babysitting grandchildren, or your “grand-dogs” so your kids can go on vacation.

There is little to stress about now.

My furry pals certainly think so. Two walks in the daylight. Having my company during the day. Following me to the kitchen for tasty morsel or two. A lot of excitement followed

by a nap.

If I could only get them trained to do laundry.



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