Sunday relief

Sunday is ending as it began, with minor though annoying+ discomfort.  This morning I wanted to write, but a dull throb at the base of my brain  was working up and over my left eye.  Last night, Saturday, after coming home from the movies, I was tired but not sleep-ready.   For some stupid reason, I chose not have a cup of “sleepy-time” tea as it tends to wake me up in the middle of the night to pee.  Nor did I go for a tablespoon or two of Zzquil  (the sleep-inducing cough medicine without the cough medicine part).  Instead, I decided a nightcap at bedtime was a good idea.    I haven’t been a jump-out-of-bed guy for fifteen or twenty years, but I do routinely get up in the five o’clock hour almost every day.  This morning, I could have used an extra ten minutes but for a hairy paw that poked me when I stirred.

I’m sure many of you reading this have this same routine three hundred sixty-five days a year.  Get up.  Get a cup of coffee.  Attempt to drink the coffee.  Try to get dressed with the dogs in your face impatient for the walk.  Push dogs away to drink more of that now-cooling cup of coffee.   Getting shoes on.  Push dogs back from your face while you try to tie your shoes.  Tying your shoes.  Getting dog leashes on.  Doing that harness dance with one or both dogs.  Getting another half cup of hot coffee from the pot while one chooses then as a good time to run off to get a long drink of water.

Things got better if  hotter, as the day wore on.  Temperatures in the 80s (F) in late January!  After church, a picnic in the park and then a little grocery shopping,  I started the barbecue.   Even if I did light a rag on fire (sitting on the barbecue lid) everything turned out fine.   It was going to be an early evening.  Walk the dogs and then get a little blogging in.

Walking  in and back out one of my favorite dog-walk routes, a neighborhood alley,  I slipped on gravel and fell.   Scraped my knee.  Bled a bit.   But only irritating.

I’m  okay with Monday coming now.   It will require coffee,  prayer, and a dog-walk to start the day.   Maybe a little ibuprofen for the potential fires in one’s day.



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