Can you teach an old dog new tricks?

Trying to figure out how to add email subscriptions to this blog tonight.  Reading WordPress help online seems so simple a five-year old could do it.  Where do I find a five-year old to do it? 20171021_130504.jpg

When your daytime job consists of debugging complex electronic circuits, measuring circuit current and voltage, writing email, and sometimes detailed instructions, a webpage, with most of the code already worked out, should be a couple hours to make it look right.  Perhaps I should get one of the webpage geeks at my work to give me a tutorial.

But even a George Lucas-production blog page with light and magic will be irritating after a bit, if the content is just so much drivel.   Even now, Comet is snoring away from this blathering on.

So an old, old dog is working out new tricks.    Let me know if things seem to be working or not working.  I’m all dog-ears.


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