He made an offer Comet “couldn’t refuse”

In one of my favorite gangster movies,  The Godfather,  Al Pacino’s character, Michael Corleone,  starts out as the returning veteran who seems a likeable guy that the “family business” has not sullied. But then a series of events are set in motion where he is destined to take over as mafiosi and Godfather.     

I started to notice a few days ago, a little change in Dexter’s relations with his “brother”, Comet.   Actually, they seemed to develop the last week that Comet had his appetite curbed with his digestive issues.   Perhaps Dexter has a little Sicilian  in his mutt bloodline.  You see,  when Comet came into the family a year ago in December,  Dexter was soon playing a supporting role rather than “Alpha” in the pack.  Actually, a housecat that was alive during Dexter’s first year, was truly the “Alpha”  and Dexter never really blossomed into a dominant male dog.  Some examples of Dexter’s growing self -assurance showed up in 2017.   Plush toys:  Comet still has no strong attachment to plush toys, but when Dexter would get a toy, Comet was happy to get one to chew on.  But Dexter would often take the toy back and growl when Comet wanted it.

20171226_114720.jpgAlso, for most of 2017, Comet was definitely the first to eat from whichever food bowl he chose to, with Dexter working in around him.  Not that Dexter EVER missed a meal, but it often required a little “refereeing” by one of the humans in the house to make Dexter feel that his food – in his bowl – would be there once he focused on eating.

And then Dexter came back from his ear surgery with that cone, which effectively kept Comet from honing in on Dexter’s meals.  I think Dexter developed moxie.  When Comet lost his appetite for several days in December, Dexter had no ill effects but cleaned up both dishes.   Then Dexter started being the one who was getting to the food first and eating till he was sated!

20180124_063042.jpgDexter seems to have started 2018 thinking he should get more respect.   He gets up on our bed — until we caught wind of it and closed off the bedroom (day and night).  The plush toy reindeer “Sven” we gave Comet, Dexter (who has at least three)  often grabs and expects us to play.  Comet will grab it back and hide it by his dog bed.   Has Dexter been meeting at night with some mafiosi pack,  making deals, getting respect, demanding loyalty?   Perhaps that is why in the middle of the night last week,  my phone’s Twitter app consumed 5 GIGABYTES,  when it typically consumes a Megabyte  or two.  Perhaps the consiglieri was sending out the Don’s instructions.  Hmm.  I will have to change my passcode.




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