Who can relate to being lost within familiar surroundings?   It only lasts a moment and then normalcy returns.  But when it happens it is like I hacked up my brain through my lungs – like the temporary tooth I spat out yesterday because of my sinus infection.  I forced myself to the doctor today.   This whole train of thought came as I considered how I “lost” Comet when I got home today.    I greeted Dexter but was not mauled by Comet.   Where had Comet had gone?

Maybe it is the concoction of cough medicine, mucous relief, allergy pills, vitamins and a menthol cough drop.  Or a dip in my blood pressure.   Probably the caffeine I’ve ingested all day has worn off.  I am again feeling like a character in a Dostoyevsky novel.

All the while Dexter looking apologetic and following me,  Comet was in the garage.   He had gone past me as I came into the kitchen.

I am dog-tired.   FB_IMG_1481410705994



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