the way we all ought to go

My neighbor’s female Doberman died last weekend. Unlike my dogs Comet and Dexter last year, and her buddy Loki, a male Dobie a few months ago, Kona did not succumb to illness. It was on an outing during a sunny day in between several days of rain in Southern California. She had just enjoyed a great run around her favorite field, sniffing bushes and rubbing herself in the grass near coyote scat. A few minutes later though, she lay down as though taking a nap. But her heart had stopped beating and she died.

It was why a day ago we had seen his wife Geri walking Rebel alone, Brian said. Saddened by the sudden loss, Brian made a good point: Kona passed the way we all should hope to go. Doing what we enjoy and not miserable in suffering or debilitating illness. Humans and dogs, we all are susceptible to aching joints, heart conditions, blindness or going deaf. Sometimes cancer afflicts, seems beaten through expensive treatments and then returns again. As for me, I think, like my neighbor and his dog, I would like to end my time doing what I enjoy. It is the way we all ought to go.

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