the Dam weather

San Diego River at Old Mission Dam

La Nina has been a headstrong gal this Winter. California mountains from Northern Sierras to our own Cuyamaca’s have been deluged with rain and then blanketed with snow. All of this has provided for green vistas and thriving streams. The San Diego River, which in December was a trickle through Mission Trails, is surging. While snow has been accumulating in tens of feet in places like Lake Tahoe to Yosemite, it has allowed children to miss school – to make snow angels and have snowball fights – in mountain communities not thirty minutes from here.

The last week of February provides the same view of Cuyamaca Peak, elev. 6512 ft (Jan 2023)

For a region that rarely wears anything other than summer styles – Hawaiian shirts and baggy shorts – all of us have been wearing coats on our morning stroll through the park this week. However, we will be enjoying the beaches while we share memories of when it snowed in San Diego County. And fretting about “fire season” all too soon.


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