Are dog-people generally happier?

Storms in life tend to come at inopportune times. As do actual storms. As almost everyone has experienced, cars will break down in the most inconvenient places and times. Some drivers pull over to provide the motorist with some gas carried in a 5 gallon container. Others drive past oblivious or possibly irritated at the slowdown. A fence separating a family with young children and a heavily-traveled road will collapse in the wind preceding a storm. A phone call for Gramma’s help with young children, became an opportunity for a father to help his son with repairs and materials. A young man driving too fast flips off a driver in front of him unexpectedly braking due to the behavior of a driver in front of her. The finger-waver makes a left turn, possibly embarrassed , after realizing his error.

It does seem that the world is just a bit more anxious or easily angered than ever, which makes me think the shelters should be emptier, given that a dog will take everything in stride, and provide devoted companionship to the one who takes care of that furface. The thought comes to mind whether a dog-person, whom I picture as being perhaps more content in life with a furry companion, or a family person -with dogs as well, is less stressed in such situations.


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