tactics of a dog-pill pusher

Dexter developed a UTI over the past week, diagnosed on Friday and prescribed “horse pill” antibiotics. I thought the same approach we used with Comet, a dab of peanut butter on a spoon, stick in a pill in, and slurp, job done. Dexter had other ideas, the better he felt. I got him to swallow crushed pills in peanut butter for the first dose. He was a bit more canny for the second. He licked the spoon, but spat the pill out behind him. For the next dose early this morning, Dexter was amenable to me feeding him by hand, a spoonful of pricey prescription wet food as a bribe – with the pill pieces hidden within the spoonful. He is fortunately improving with each dose. Yet this evening he is not voluntarily sucking down the pill. My wife and I have resorted to sliding the pill between clenched teeth and gently holding his head elevated, until it is swallowed. Bribery may have to step up a bit. How about a pill wrapped in bacon? By the end of the week, he may be feeling so much better, I may have to resort to steak!


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