Maybe it is not “just” depression

We are sitting in the “dawg” car outside the veterinarian’s office before 7:30 in the morning. There is a “cat lady” already knocking on their door, cat carrier in hand, as the staff is making their way inside. The rest of us patiently are waiting. Since the pandemic, and likely because their office/lobby is so small, they have continued to check patients in from the parking lot. While I still tear up at the mention of Comet’s last days, it motivated me to get him checked as soon as he was not getting better. Do I believe he is grieving? I do not know. With a “Senior Wellness” check, and someone looking at a limp he has developed, I am hoping it will invigorate the old man, as it did for Comet last December. Doctor K’s initial assessment is dehydration, and that his joints are causing him pain. I opted for a narrow selection of tests and giving him IV fluids. It is now after lunch, and as I check in with their office they have diagnosed a urinary infection. No wonder he’s lethargic! I am off to get the prescription for antibiotics filled at Costco.


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