the breakfast league

Mention the word “therapy” to my circle of friends and acquaintances these days and most likely, half will think it reveals a weakness in oneself, and the other half will have participated – themselves or a family member in it. Like the joke where two wives talk, then suggest to their husbands to go golfing together, and afterward ask their spouse how the other spouse is doing, men are unlikely to talk about personal matters. Instead, some go golfing, deep-sea fishing, woodworking or work on automobiles as a means to decompress from the busyness of life.

On the other hand, one group of friends, men I have known almost 25 years, get together from time to time over coffee or breakfast. While all of us have led challenging lives, as construction workers, military veterans, elementary schoolteachers, and tradesmen, we are all bonded by a unique league. While some are fans of college and professional sports, and others have traveled to, or have friends in other countries, we are all striving to live as Christ modeled for us. None are monks but are active as friends, co-workers, neighbors, grandparents, and customers. What we encourage each other to do is share the life we came from and the life we now strive to follow with others. If it means inviting people to have coffee together or a meal at Denny’s, and listening with empathy, it is the league I choose to remain engaged.


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