pill Poppins

Every night about 8 PM, or at the first “slurp” sound from either Comet or Dexter, I head to the kitchen for pills and peanut butter. Though I pop a couple Ibuprofen now and then for joint pain – I am no longer a young man, I started out the dogs on Gabapentin, which calms Comet’s discomfort but also helps us all sleep at night. (He would lay near us, purposely. and lick an incredibly loud “slurping” for a half hour or until my wife and I, in unison, would shout “COMET”! The pill, concealed in a dab of Skippy peanut butter, made it easy to give him medicine. But I always made 2 spoons at night, since Dexter never was one to miss out on a treat.

An hour later, the dogs are comfortably sleeping, and I am humming “a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.” Strange, right?


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