we all need good days

good days

I need forgiveness for a little pessimism early this week, as it started off with a skirmish with gophers in my garden. As my Saturday lunchtime guests watched from our front patio, a gopher popped up under one of three remaining plants in that part of my yard. My weekend guests forgotten, I responded with a shovel, pickaxe and wire mesh attempting to cut the varmint in pieces. So much for the recently attractive landscaping. Sunday got better with a little Christmas party with our bible study group. However, I was proved right to be a masked and cautious as a scratchy throat early that morning became a 24-hour cold. Recovering early Monday morning, no warm shower beckoned. A loss of hot water indicated I delayed routine tankless heater maintenance just a bit longer – 4 years longer – than recommended. Fortunately, the contractor recommended by the manufacturer website can come out today. It will cost us to get the heater going again but I am fortunate to have the resources to fix it. And my wife passed along good news that two of my (vaccinated) family members, also sick this weekend, with whom we spent two days last week at Disney and Knotts Berry Farm, tested negative for COVID. Today they are on the mend. Even unusual weather in Southern California this week does not disappoint me. Though cold and rainy, it is a metaphor for life struggles. Weather in southern Cal is generally warm -often too warm – and better days are ahead.

Update: the water heater was an easy fix and not as costly as expected. The gophers have not surfaced for a bit. The rain is easing up. And the dogs want a walk now. It has been a good day.


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