Old dogs and incontinence

Older dogs adapt to change slowly.  In Comet’s case, the issue is being able to hold his bladder or bowels through the night. Though we walk a “constitutional” morning, midday, early evening and just before bed, more is needed. It also has been an issue when his humans are away from home more than several hours during those critical times.

Often their walks pose challenges when Comet requires coaxing and Dexter requires restraint. Providing sufficient exercise for Dexter is easier once I drive them to the dog park to socialize and run with other dogs. During the holidays, I am able to every morning. But that still leaves the middle of the night. Dexter has less urgency when we leave him perhaps a pint of water instead of the half gallon he regularly inhales. For Comet, I just purchased potty pads to leave down where he has had a few recent accidents. I expect this may be a solution when we return to the work routine in 2022.

It’s my fault in changing his 24- hour access to the backyard before we had landscaping redone. We did not build a kennel in that recent remodel. Keeping the dogs inside with us – all their lives- has been the norm yet I am wondering if an outside kennel is now necessary, if only at night.

What is a dog- man to do? Comet is definitely getting “long in the tooth” in comparison to Dexter, though the latter is nearly 12. These are the things that I ponder. We may need to consider whether it is time for Comet to cross the rainbow bridge.


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