At some point in life, we all develop aches and pains even if we exercise all the time. It is the same for dogs. Before the pandemic, I would take both dogs to Mission Trails park for long walks every few days. However, Comet does not like to venture much these days. A vet suggested he may have seasonal allergies that make his paws tender or perhaps arthritis is starting to affect him. He did have a little issue last winter with getting up off the cold tile in the house. Fortunately, winter in San Diego averages sixty degrees F. Our son found and put some rubber booties on his paws for a few mornings until till we took him to the vet. In summer, he was very particular about walking on dirt paths or the street. Sucking on his paws in the middle of the night (right by our bedside) became very distracting. A vet prescribed Apoquel as an anti-inflammatory. It seems to help a little bit but the licking returns. Between that and the dogs needing to pee at 2 AM – in other posts I explain we have landscaping and construction at the house, so they don’t go outside unescorted – we get to sleep in short fits. We will find what helps the dog feel better. And the routine is getting easier or I’m getting tougher in my old age. Pain is weakness leaving the body the Marines say. And sleep? Time enough for that when you’re dead.


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