what the smell!

I have had dogs as part of my life for fifty years. Like most dog-people, I am fairly immune to all manner of dog aromas. With dogs that spend a large part of their lives inside (we have a yard they use – but they prefer the comforts with heat and air conditioning). Every few weeks, however, I take the dogs for grooming and bathing, and hold an deep-cleaning and deodorizing day. As dog-people, our daily laundry routine includes cleaning the washer and dryer filters clogged with dog hair. For a time, when we expect people to drop by, we use a few plug-in air fresheners. Particularly after a few days of rain, it is the greasy dog-smell that sends me to the phone to make a grooming appointment. What is it about a greyhound – shepherd combination that is so much more odorous than either breed by themselves? I’ve lived with both.

It is what comes out of that dog on occasion has me utter, “What crawled up that dog and died!?” I have looked up all sorts of diagnoses online, but Comet does not appear in any way to be suffering an ailment that might require veterinary care. Both he and Dexter eat the same food, which is high in protein, vitamins and other nutrients as well as fiber.

This same diet, does not appear to cause Dexter any similar intestinal issue. I wonder if other dog-people have any wisdom to impart as to their experience with dog breeds that are particularly aromatic. Any ideas?



  1. Walter, our Great Dane, has very short hair and very little detectable doggy smell. Yay for Danes! We have not always had such a neutral-odor dog. However, he can fart you out of the room! But his hind-end emissions were nothing compared to a Bouvier we once had. Callie could not only fart you out of a room, she would make you search for a passport!

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  2. I can commiserate with the dog hair issue, but thankfully my Great Pyrenees isn’t aromatic! Check your dog treats? Most aromatic dogs that I’ve encountered were given table scraps. Just a thought. Good luck 🙂

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