creature comforts

The calico cat which has adopted us, is much closer to convincing my wife and me to let her into the house. The issue? Dexter. Comet, the one-time shelter dog, has only been curious to greet the feline. Otherwise he pays her no mind. Dexter is the reason I peer out the door every time we start a walk. However, neither Dexter nor Comet bother the dog groomers’ cats, and Dexter grew up with two outdoor cats. It is probably the calico that will decide whether she tolerates him. Once we have a formal introduction, walk-time will be easier on me. Finding her laying on the doormat out front, I detour through the kitchen door. Other times, she will jump back a few yards, see I hold the leashed dogs closely, then nonchalantly scratch a tree near the patio. We are then granted permission to pass by. This street urchin may just be testing my generosity. Blankets, bedding, cat treats and her preferred canned food now comfort her. I remind my spouse this outdoor cat has a niche as a welcomed gopher-hunter. Then again, my wife Sheri, Comet and this calico, may convince Dexter and me three’s company.

Cats are connoisseurs of comfort.

James Herriot, writer, “All Creatures Great and Small” (1972)


  1. What a sweetie. Yup, she’ll be running your household in no time. Canines and humans alike will bow down to her feline superiority. She already has you trained to give her wet food! The rest is a foregone conclusion. Hugs and pats to you all!

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