Easter bunny diner

“Our” cat, the calico I have written about previously proved again she does not require much from people. She does appreciate our garage when the nights are cool, but last night was a first for her making herself quite “at home”. This morning, Sheri saw that a bunny – or most of one – had been deposited behind the washing machine. My wife noted that this was not so much a gift to reward us for the cat’s accommodations, but it was a place to enjoy her meal. I am happy we keep a little bleach around to clean up murder scenes like this. It also means we can spend less on canned cat food.

However, I should be thinking about a different sacrifice on this Good Friday. That day, two millennia ago One, fully God and fully Man went to the Cross as a sacrifice for us. Believers take communion as a reminder of His sacrifice. Unlike the bunny, Jesus rose to life again.


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