Valentine’s Day and dog kisses

The best Valentine’s Day meme I saw this morning: ” I’d love you with all my heart, but my butt is bigger”.

Photo by Skitterphoto on

It is enough to say that February 14th, one’s wedding anniversary, and your wife’s birthday are the three days – at the very minimum – that every husband should plan and make especially encouraging every year. Judging by the range of cards from cheesy to overtly sexual, or the billions of pounds of chocolate hearts and such for sale, sex and chocolate are the “reasons for the season”.

This morning my love brought me a cup of coffee. Perhaps my response should be something more this morning, I thought. In the midst of all the potential romance, Dexter made his desires known. A walk in the morning chill would be just the thing, right then. And so out Dexter, Comet and me went. As for my bride, her morning Valentine? Vacuuming. Love is in the air. And dog hair.



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