gated communities

Friends of ours share an attractive home with two Corgis, a Sheltie, and a Golden Retriever. Besides swappping stories of dog hair and the Sheltie’s herding obsession, I noted the latching baby-gate at the foyer entry and an arabesque-style half-height “gate” between the kitchen entry and couches in a sitting room. As we were going out with them for the evening, my suspicion was confirmed when I noted the husband’s exit-routine. I had left a sweater behind in the house, and followed him back into the house to retrieve it.

image from webite (pet supplies)

New furniture and new strategies, with dogs long-used to comforts of home do not last hair-free.. We once had couch covers, gates, and a nearly-new leather couch. Our Dexter now seeks the comfort of our bed, though forbidden, in our absence – perhaps to mock Comet. Ruffled bedding anytime we do not close our bedroom door greets me when I return home.

We sympathize with fellow dog-people whose stylish “best intentions” in time, will probably end up in the closet just like ours has for more than a year.

(If you, dear reader are so inclined, here’s a link to the item in the above image)

My solution seemed so ‘unsophisticated’ at the time

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