Trix are for kids, steak is for dogs?

Earlier this week I ran out of inspiration. When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping. Not just for groceries, though we have not really restocked since the kitchen makeover, but for Ideas. Shopping, for me, is a good source for blogging ideas. I joked with the cashier that my choices that day were destined for a soup recipe. With no kids at home, I wasn’t needing as much to feed me and my wife. Fortunately, I said I was not cooking for our dogs.

And that’s when the cashier told me an amusing tale about her grandfather whose dogs were quite well fed. In fact, when the grandkids came over to visit, they might be offered spaghetti. His dogs, however, would get steak. A nice cut, whether grilled or broiled, the cashier did not say.

Let me just say, my grandson, when Gramma is taking care of our little visitor, eats well. But he is only eighteen months. And contrary to the old television cereal commercial, I won’t be giving him Trix sugary cereal, nor any of my cashier’s grandfather’s spaghetti anytime soon. And no, I do not prepare steak for the dogs.

But I have been known on several occasions to give them scraps right from the grill or broiler.