I married a bouncer

Insomnia is my greatest inspiration. Jon Stewart


Insomnia is my wife’s least-cherished inheritance from her late mother. In two decades of marriage, I have woken in the wee hours of the morning to cooking aromas or to piles of clean laundry (which I had promised to do the next day). At other times, I will smell freshly-dyed hair (ammonia) or a freshly-cleaned bathroom (bleach) when I rise to answer Nature’s call.

Most mornings, as is my habit while waiting for coffee, I will wander into the den to read a blog post or look at Facebook. It is then I will note that my beloved has posted a new poem or story overnight. While she can fall asleep in a matter of minutes, I am dimly aware of murmured “I don’t want to keep you up” as she gets out of bed during the night. I will startle awake to her cold feet in the small of my back. I think it signals that she has satisfied her boost of inspiration.

Married as long as we have, I do not mind these things too much. Things could be much worse. She might tell me her insomnia, and thus, her creative inspiration, is because I snore at night.



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