Stairway to Heaven is through Mission Trails?

There's a feeling I get
 When I look to the west
 And my spirit is crying for leaving
 In my thoughts I have seen
 Rings of smoke through the trees
 And the voices of those who standing looking

It was the first time in three weeks that Dexter, Comet and I met with my little band of prayer-hikers for a morning walk at Mission Trails park. After ten years of hiking this park, I thought I had a fairly “locals” knowledge of all things around here. Perhaps, I will need to re-state my expertise. I know how to get to several trailheads, how to get around the Lake Murray reservoir ( to softball fields and picnic areas), and virtually every breakfast place and coffee cart within a mile or two of the urban park boundaries.

With a dog leash in either hand at ten to seven on a Saturday morning, I must have looked “local”. A couple of young twenty-something female hikers asked me about “Stairway to Heaven”, if I knew how to get there. I resisted the impulse to mention (sing) the obvious reference for someone of my age group, to the Led Zeppelin classic. I think they will find the area they sought. Once Dan joined Paul and me, and we started discussing exactly “Stairway to Heaven”, we learned (via Google) that it was “what” not “where”. It is a marathon course in the park.

Our discourse was interrupted by Dexter and Comet. They were doing a little “crying for leaving”.


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