just roll with it

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Mother Nature celebrated the Fourth of July with a lot of energy twelve hours earlier than most of California. Apparently not wanting to disturb Southern Californians’ plans for barbecues and beach parties today, she politely took her shake, rattle ‘n roll out to the much less populated Mojave Desert between Bakersfield and Las Vegas. Roads split, water mains severed, and store shelves had merchandise tossed to the floor. While Comet’s reaction to an earthquake is unknown to us (they rarely are felt in San Diego), I think Comet is dreaming as he sleeps next to me. He doesn’t get worked up about much other than going for a walk or perhaps someone going to the kitchen for a snack.

Dexter is another story entirely. just as he does on the Fourth of July every year, I would swear tonight he is hyperventilating as he paces nervously around and around. He nervously follows us as we move around. In his first few years I tried to teach him not to be anxious. Now we just ignore his pacing. Except for the three times he shut my computer down by stepping on the power strip.

What do you do for a dog that squeezes his large frame under my desk- while I am sitting at it? I barely can hear the booms of fireworks going at the town center.

Does anyone know where I can obtain a dog some Valium ?

Morning update: Dexter is still sleeping. Comet is sleeping. Yet I am up, well -rested. And in a good mood. Whatever the day brings, I will just roll with it.



  1. You joke about dog valium, but I can tell you, such things exist. My aunt’s dog is on Prozac! When Walter was a totally out-of-control puppy, our vet prescribed Trazodone (used for anxiety and depression). That didn’t stop him. It barely slowed him down. We added Gabapentin (anticonvulsant) to the mix. It made him a little sleepy. Now, keep in mind that Walter is a bull of a Great Dane who never stops and I”m sure Dexter is a little less so. I would bet it wouldn’t take much to calm Dexter down enough to keep your computer running. 🙂

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    1. Comet’s very easy to control, but adding a little Prozac in Dexter’s dog chow, sounds interesting….Getting these guys out for some healthy exercise is my mission tomorrow. Work off all the cares and worries. And then, maybe get some blogging done!

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      1. Sounds like an excellent plan…as long as no more storms or earthquakes come along. Although, I think I saw that CA had another one or two today. Scary! I’d be under your desk turning off your computer, too!

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