for everything else, there’s “doggie crack”

I’ve become quite fond of chocolate & almond covered ice cream bars (on a stick) that are sold at Costco. There seems to be a direct correlation between the emotional storms (parents and the choices their adult children make), and how often I am buying these frozen treats. The fact that i am eating sweets again goes against all the last eighteen months of “food sobriety” that I had been maintaining. At home in the evening, I will “muse out loud” that I am going to the kitchen, would my wife perhaps like me to get her an ice cream also? No? For months, my wife was keeping the kitchen stocked for the (frequent) visits of our adult children. With things emotionally stabilized, for now, particularly with the youngest one, there are fewer excuses to buy food like we did for our family of high school age kids. Once we have fewer leftover bits of barbecue roast, and cases of various canned items or cheeses by the pound, we will also have less of the dog treats I’ve been getting in quantity at the warehouse store.

Fruit smoothies, fresh vegetables and the keto diet may be making a comeback in my house, but as long as there’s a little “doggie crack” for beasts or ice cream for the man, we can stand a little healthy living.

Dexter and Comet on the bridge
Ready for adventure


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