How I spent my summer solstice

Photo by Bernd Feurich on

As a kid in the 1970s, I remember a popular bit by Cheech and Chong, “Sister Mary Elephant”, which had a line, “how I spent my summer vacation”. I still recall that whole comedy skit, though I never attended Catholic school and I never had a classroom as out of control as they lampooned. But I do clearly recall the first days in September, in class having to write and recite, “How I spent my Summer Vacation”. For those born since the 1980s (Cheech went on television to play a detective of all things!) , the two comedians were synonymous with smoking dope or cannabis. Well, while legal in the state of California, there was no doping going on yesterday, at least in my household. Dexter, Comet and I got high on the real thing, an evening hike, in broad daylight, at 7 PM in Mission Trails Park. With everything that has been going on with the youngest adult member of our family these days, it was nice not to have a terribly involved day. If I knew what a chakhra was, I wouldn’t have had the energy to chase one (I heard on the radio stories of folks chasing chakhras at Stonehenge in England). Greeting the sun at a stone circle 5000 miles from San Diego, might involve a little cannabis, I imagine.

Mission Trails, Visitor Center Loop Trail

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