Operation Baby Tango

Afternoon teething drama forgotten

Giving mom n dad an opportunity to get a date on Saturday afternoon also gives Gramma Sheri an opportunity to get some quality Zander time. It is not unlike a military movement, to have a toddler visit. Since military exercises always have code names, this weekend we had Operation Bravo Tango (baby time).

No visit is without a complete kit of supplies: iced teething rings, teething biscuits, blankets, diapers, wipes, baby food, toys, and such. A little stroller and a carseat snap-in base (in Grammy’s car) complete an ensemble. Baby is bounced, cuddled, kissed, fed, changed, read to, held, snuggled and swaddled. Hours later, with everyone happily exhausted, it’s time to bid goodnight. With smiles all round, the good boy winks at the dogs and burbles to his momma and daddy. Time to go. Dexter, Comet, Gramma and Grampa collapse in their beds.



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