the spa treatment

As any dog-person can attest, there are many things that one quits being bothered about shortly after bringing a dog into your life. I have long ago lost my sensitivity to smells, but non-pet owners have cautiously mentioned to me that there is an unmistakable “essence” that accompanies dogs in close quarters.

grooming tip #1: walk before and after, the wash

Fortunately, ten minutes from home, I found a self-service pet wash. But exactly how I would wash one dog with the other hand holding the other?

Dexter sat patiently while Comet was luxuriating in the bath. And he did the same for Dexter. I was very grateful that both Comet and Dexter look forward to the experience! Cleanliness is close to dogliness, it seems with my two.



    1. I was prepared for that. Resolved? and I came out much drier than the unfortunate young-uns who had one much smaller dog to bathe preceding me. I think the groomer I routinely use must have really got them accustomed to being pampered.

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