Rain delay

Rain in San Diego is not like anywhere else I have lived. What passes for rain here can create havoc during an evening commute. Cars spin into guard rails and others careen down embankments. News crews come out in their foul weather gear. Alert banners buzz across television screens. Even the federal government has been known to declare a “weather emergency” to send employees home early when the rain- sometime a half-inch or less – is forecast.

It took almost an hour to go four miles. I already had to repent for using some colorful language on my fellow drivers, traffic engineers and road debris. In the rain there are still drivers who think tailgating, flashing headlamps and changing lanes will help them get home faster.

if I could only get there I thought, I was determined to stop at my favorite “watering hole” for a much needed “mental health” break and a cigar. It’s a place regular patrons call “the clubhouse’. The shop was a welcoming audience for stressed commuters. Tonight there were tall tales and good cigars. In the corner a few poker-faced guys played cards. When I do stop on my evening commute, I can look forward to getting advice on car maintenance or a lead on kitchen remodeling or repairs. And hear every opinion on politics. There are always a few curmudgeons talking politics.

When the rain slacked off, it was time to bid goodnight. I know I will be back. Probably next Thursday. With Friday just around the corner, the weekend to walk my dogs, and for my spouse and having people over for dinner, it will be at least four days of the routine work commute (90 minutes each way) before my mental health needs another commute-break.

Rain is not so bad. It could be a blizzard. Or an earthquake. Now those events would bring out the news crews. Really foul things up. And I might need another cigar way, way before Thursday.


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