by the light of the moon

blood Moon lunar eclipse, Jan 20, 2019

Comet was not impressed. He preferred to remain inside, but next to the open door, holding back his enthusiasm expertly. Dexter also was not impressed by the moon madness. He never thinks to howl at the moon, so he doesn’t know what the fuss was about. As for the Missus, she was impressed by the sight but it was “too cold” to stay out for long. In San Diego. As for me, I was happy to get out my camera and the tripod, for the first time this year, but I couldn’t get the pictures I wanted. Haze – and clumsy attempts in the dark to keep the aperture open gave the digital brain in my Nikon fits. So much for laughing at the suggestion I needed an ‘idiots guide to digital photography’!

Tonight’s “Super Blood Moon” rebroadcast on the Internet, complete with Canary Island observatory astronomers giving the play-by-play was our go-to “Plan B”. Complete with cheese, crackers, and hot chocolate. I forgot the red wine was up in the closet. I hear there is another lunar eclipse visible in North America in 2021. And that gives me time to find the corkscrew.

Dexter, Comet and ‘blood moon’ boredom


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