kilter-off holiday

Looking back at the year, Two Thousand Eighteen has been, for myself and several family members, an experience in various medical maladies both physical and mental. If not illness or injury, then work, family, or other changes have created a lot of off-balance situations. These have been times that family has rallied to one another to encourage and support.

Even our canines experienced some issues: Dexter started the year recovering from ear surgery for a tumor (benign). Comet ends the year recovering from a limp that seems more arthritic or weather-related than injury. (I can relate to joints acting up.) And our younger son has been hovering for a couple days to help the dog recover.

For our sons, including the married son and daughter-in-law, life-lessons gained over the year, in relationships, housing arrangements, transition from military to civilians, and becoming parents) have thrown a lot of churn into the families. A health and behavior issue affecting the youngest brother has rallied his brothers to his aid; it afforded stronger unity between the three of them.

For my spouse, the end of 2018 brings a welcome conclusion to a chaotic month as well as last couple years with the most-recent (now-defunct) employer. Though unemployed for the first time in sixteen years, we are encouraged that she might take a little time to recover and refocus. While she has an offer for the same responsibility and income-level, we are also weighing her options. For me, not that very much has changed from this time a year ago. Work is still rewarding. Retirement plans are still on track. I have still much to do with home maintenance and planned improvements to the kitchen – although delayed perhaps for a few months.

concluding a thankless, difficult, dirty job when an employer folds without notice, brings evident relief
done with hell-month

So some things are off-kilter. Whose life does not have something unplanned or unmanageable at one time or another? Routine is wonderful for getting back in kilter. Dogs need daily walks. I go to the gym three times a week. The holiday over-indulging will end; the healthy diet will become routine again.


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