holiday cheer

I cannot vouch for most people, but good days follow rough days, and better weeks after some difficult ones. Saturday morning, I suggested that my wife join me, Dexter, Comet and whichever of our friends joined us for a walk at Mission Trails. It was an early start to a day that I’d planned to finish Christmas shopping and whatever chores I had not bothered with all the past week. Needless to say, our small group of prayer warriors have all known each other for decades – and the appearance of my wife, was welcomed as “another one of the guys” on our brisk walk today. It was going to be a very good day.

With Christmas just days away, the folks that were out that morning were shopping. Even the occasional driver who pulled into traffic immediately in front of me – and then stopped, hesitated or confused perhaps, were given a lot of grace by us avoiding a collision. Everyone continued on. For the first time in years, I was actually enjoying sauntering in and around a few stores around town. I had specific gifts in mind. And I found what I was looking for. But there’s something this year that made it a little less awkward when choosing gifts for my wife. She helped me pick them out by suggesting – or prompting me what to look for.

With all the boxes, cartons, and office supplies from my wife’s former work cluttering the garage, the Christmas treasures I brought home are deliberately haphazardly hidden. I will have to remember where they all are when I wrap them on Christmas Eve. But I soon was back on the road. To allow my dear wife to concentrate on holiday baking, I took over the grocery shopping and the laundry folding chore for the week. While turkey and ham were on the menu for Thanksgiving, we shall be having lamb and a roast for Christmas. And probably some holiday favorite sweets.

A few hours later, a few hundred of her peanut butter -chocolate balls, are chilling in our freezer. It is her holiday tradition going back twenty years. For a few dozen friends who eagerly await an early present, tomorrow will bring glad tidings of good cheer. As for her blogging husband? Other holiday traditions. I’m munching on a couple handfuls of Cheerios washed down with a little scotch.



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