The heart of a lion

One of my favorite people in the blogosphere, rhapsodyboheme, has graciously accepted my invitation to write a post for it’s A Dog’s Life.  We all have great stories, stories about overcoming struggles, marveling at the world around us, heartwarming tales about family, friendship, and many involve our companion animals.  I want to thank my friend for her contribution.   I know this story of Nikki has made the chaos in my life – there is always something – able to be put away for a time and enjoy her story fully.


via rhapsodyboheme

Guest Bloggers Wanted!


In the tried and true SHAMELESS BEGGING fashion as mentored by EVERYONE HAS THE BEST TITLES ,   I am asking for submissions to be a guest on my blog!


  • dog stories
  • funny stories
  • unbelievable images
  • funny videos
  • observations as a dog-person


Add a few details about you,  how you got started and what your blog is about.


Disclaimer: I will post it exactly as written



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