family traditions

first balls of the season

Chocolate peanut butter balls, for the uninitiated, have been a post-Thanksgiving, holiday tradition in my household for the last twenty years and then some.  My wife’s specialty,  these treats have garnered a prize for best treat at a Christmas party,  praise from family members and employees of our car mechanic, relatives who drive over on a Black Friday morning to say “happy birthday” (it’s my wife’s birthday today) – and be first (or technically, second) to receive peanut butter balls.  It may be for bragging rights.

Among family friends and relatives who get very enthused about receiving these treats,  we all have developed our own traditions at this time of year.   Camping in November.  A special movie night with family.  A birthday breakfast featuring bacon and eggs – lots of bacon.  However ,for us this year, we have a Thanksgiving dinner on the Friday after everyone else’s Thursday.  You see,  traditionally, for at least for a decade, we had brought a dish over to a friend’s home who hosted the “big day” for family and friends.   This year was different with both of our families having “empty nests” –  married kids, their in-laws dinners, extended family invitations, and such.   We had planned to have new kitchen appliances all up and running before Thanksgiving, but some glitches in water lines, and installation questions made it a little unusual.   With a leaking water line, a turkey roasting pan as catch-basin, and a three- or four-hour cycle to empty and replace the basin,  our dinner plans tonight are not going to be affected. At least perceptibly.    

While our adult children are due over for dinner late in the afternoon -to accommodate one’s working on “Black Friday”, and two others with other appointments,  I took the time to go to the gym.  For some needed irritation-relief.  (why do things NEVER go as simply as you intended.  I am thinking of the previously mentioned valve repair on the water pipe.  And this morning,  an adjustment to the home internet connection due to a failed modem.)   For an attitude adjustment, and now a new tradition  for an old dog,  I go to the gym several days a week.   Well,  not always consistently.   I was camping a week ago.  And this week I did start until Thanksgiving morning.   Some traditions need a little practice.  

But for Dexter and Comet, the tried and true, a walk around the neighborhood is a favorite tradition best enjoyed  365 days a year.


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