It’s your fault, Al Gore

Saturday, the digital clock on the coffee makers –  I have both a drip pot AND a Keurig side-by-side in the kitchen – told me it was early.  Up thirty minutes before the dogs.  But not my choice –  I was planning to be up at 6 AM.

Thanks,  Android.  My spouse had a gentle wakeup set for 5:30 AM on her phone.  How do I suggest that she probably needs to re-check settings.   7 -days instead of the one or two days she needed to be up early?   For my part, I asked Amazon Alexa last night for a wakeup to go take the puppies for their hike.

It’s a brave new world in 2018.  As a kid, I could toss the wind up alarm clock across the room and wait for my mom to roust me out of the sack to go to school.    As a military recruit,  a large trash can hurled in the barracks was my first alarm clock, followed by the internal clock taking over (fear of punishment was a great motivator to rousing automatically).  But as the Y2K approached and then has receded almost 20 years now,  life went totally digital.   Everyone has Garmins to count our steps, Fitbits to track our heart rate, Iphones to locate us by GPS and check our progress.  Automatic coffee makers that we use Alexa, Siri, or Google to set, monitor and notify us when done.   Almost all technical workers with computers use a Linux computer and various programming –  Python scripts – to control a power source to turn things off and on.

My car has a key-fob  to automatically inform it that I am the driver, and from a fob button start the car remotely if I need that, and navigation and phone control linked by Bluetooth.   And there are other technical marvels in this Digital Age.  Dexter and Comet have an RFID chip under their skin.  Should they ever wander off,  a computer database has my name and contact information.  And then there are more connected Internet of Things  (IOT) .   I’ve seen the refrigerators that can track and then re-order supplies online, which then can be delivered by mobile delivery.  Possibly drones some day.

I get nutrition education, recipes to try, and connect with people by Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter.  All you wonderful friends in the blogosphere I connect with via WordPress.   And I am starting  side businesses over the Internet.   And everything hums along.

Comet and Dexter are very put off that I am on my computer or phone when I could be giving them attention.    But the boys need to be walked manually, feed and watered manually, poop picked up manually,  and brushed – manually.   And affection and attention does not yet come by app.    Or perhaps, that is what is wrong with our Millennial generation?   Too much digitizing and not enough human engagement.

I’m awake.  And now, after our long walk today,  the dogs are asleep.  They don’t need nor have use for technology.    Except for air conditioning.  They like that it is automatically controlled to come on when the day gets warm.      So,  let me say   “Thanks, Al (Gore).   I appreciate all you have done!”


“….During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet…..”  -Senator Al Gore, 1999 interview with Wolf Blitzer

Ed. – To be fair, the man constantly gets politically lambasted for remarking that he invented the Internet. He did not actually say that but it has nevertheless become legend.  What candidate Gore did say, while political blathering on, still makes for humor.  But he gets the last laugh as he has made an enormous fortune as a Climate Change pollyanna.



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