I realize now why my loving wife wears headphones at home. We share a home office where she does work remotely, performs the mundane stuff like paying bills and blogs. When our kids were all grown and out the door, we put her exercise room in one bedroom and a “storage” – junk – in a second. And at my urging,we  put a second desk in the bedroom which I had taken for my office.  That’s when I think the “burbling” started. Not my fault.

It is an early Saturday morning. While coffee is brewing I am looking at my blog and news feeds online. Volcanoes, flowers, poetry, pictures, and humor. But it’s my mouth. There’s some switch that is stuck “ON” in my head at this hour, and random, incoherent (to others) words and “Oh, wow”s break my dear spouse’s focus.

And being the loving creature she is, she pauses, looks at what I’m looking at across the room, and chuckles. Then as I am distracted, finds and plugs her headphones into the computer jack.

It’s the secret to a long and happy marriage my friends. If you plan to spend any period of time with the two of you at home, as I am hoping may come with retirement, save your pennies. And Love your significant other’s quirks. But invest in a good set of headphones or earbuds.  At least I do not babble.

I posted this originally on Bloglovin’ today



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