Thursday’s Child

–…works hard for a living.  – Harper’s Weekly magazine (1887)

Except at lunchtime.   Here’s a brief overview of this man’s morning.  ( D & C are probably napping)

  1. Up, out of the house, and on the road before 5:30 AM
  2. Breakfast with my spouse at a favorite diner
  3. Arrive at work before 8 AM
  4. Tackle first crisis of the day – why doesn’t that thing work! (3rd day, same miracle expected by management)
  5. Miracle delivered.  Solve crisis by starting from scratch one more time.  ” Ah Hah” moment
  6. Tackle second crisis of the day.  Apologize to various people for “presuming” instead of following up.  Continue working until obstacle encountered.  Reschedule completing the task – re-prioritization.
  7. It’s LUNCHTIME!
  8. After a walk, and a salad, energy boost for a little post.
  9.  Scratch the nap.  Needed for tackling crises….



20180409_082002.jpgI wanted to thank all our subscribers for the encouragement by reading and following It’s a Dog’s Life.   214  of you – that’s a lot of dog biscuits, notdonner owes us.     

   – Comet & Dexter



    1. That is a story unto itself! I drive 75 miles give or take round-trip. It’s nuts but I can’t afford nor really want to move closer. It’s the California culture-road warrior thing

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